About Us

Who we are & How we got here

So Why Brink Digital?

We pride ourselves on our high quality digital services for our customers with high levels of customer satisfaction.

About Brink Digital

Brink Digital offers a range of services to businesses and individuals to ensure that they can make the most out of having an online presence. Our website services include website design, but also far more complex projects which require higher levels of development, database design and more. As well as this, we build our sites with SEO in mind, as well as offering other digital marketing services to customers. For others' who are in need of a stronger brand identity, we provide branding and design services. Brink Digital is a creative organisation, but with the technical capabilities for more complex projects.

How it all started

Brink Digital, originally Brink Web Design, started in 2017 by Matt Tompkins to create websites for local businesses in the East Anglia region. After some initial success, Brink Web Design progressed to offer other services as requested by clients, including Digital Marketing and Branding.

In 2019, Brink Web Design became Brink Digital, assuming a new brand identity, logo, and colour scheme to fit with the wider range of services on offer. Since then, Brink Digital has grown to become a reputable design and development studio.

Brink Digital in 2020

While we have made significant progress since 2017, Brink Digital is still a small business. As a result, we can offer a friendly personalised service for each of our customers. We pride ourselves on the great feedback we reccieve from our clients. Our close-knit team work tirelessly to ensure that all of our projects are up to standard and look great while maintaining functionality.

If you think we can assist you with your project, get in touch with us today.